Save 40% of the time and 

effort conducting your Cyber Risk Assessments

Automated Cyber Risk Officer  
for consultants

ACRO provides automated cyber risk assessments and reporting,
while providing insight on how you can sell the big project. 
all from our friendly cloud-based platform.


01 / Save Time And Resources
  • Gone are the days of the months-long risk assessments
    ACRO allows consultants to quickly and accurately assess cyber security posture and risk by automating the collection and analysis process

  • Reduce overhead for consultants
    Put your focus where it counts - planning and implementing remediation and mitigation projects

  • Eliminate multiple questionnaires
    Automatically mapping the collected data to multiple standards 
    regulations, and creating various reports with a click of a button


02 / Improve Client Relationship

  • Increase Client Visibility
    Allow clients to access the online system at any time to view their cyber risk score and history of assessments

  • Deepen the Engagement
    Become an integral part in building roadmaps and following through on implementation

  • Automated Remediation Recommendations
    ACRO’s patented algorithms allow consultants to provide clients with the most cost-effective remediation plans, tailored to their threat landscape, security posture and risk appetite

03 / Unique set of tools - Be a pro!
  • Technical Verification Tool
    ACRO's technical verification is the only tool in the risk assessment field that can mitigate a client's assessment with actual technical data. 

  • Simulation Module
    ACRO's simulation tool allows you to run mock cyber attacks against your customers current, proposed and updated cyber strategy.

  • Intelligence Module
    ACRO's Dynamic Trend Analysis enables you to identify,
    analyze and forecast potential cyber-threat trends. 

Beat the competition

Build your customers project plan off of viable,
actionable, operational and exact data

Land the big project with ACRO




Cytegic’s conception comes from a unique yet powerful background consisting of statistical research and big data analytics. It is from this approach, that we are empowered to look at the world from the executive perspective and not just from technologists perspective.


Cytegic’s mission is to provide Consultants of all sizes, with the capability to proactively navigate the complexities of their customers Cyber Risk Management endeavors. ACRO makes cyber risk assessment projects significantly more efficient and profitable, while allowing Consultants to benefit from better client stickiness and upsale.


With a simple cloud based platform, 
Cytegic provides exceptional business 
value that increases organizational asset protection while generating optimal use of security funds. Cytegic takes the 
guesswork out of antiquated Cyber Risk Management processes by providing an automated solution and trusted ally in our Automated Cyber Risk Officer (ACRO).


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Tel: +1-347-815-7450

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